NOTE: IF you are seeing gaps in between tiles, you can simply hold ctrl and scroll your middle mouse button to zoom your browser in/out until they disappear. Alternatively ctrl +/- work as well.

Frenzied Dungeon is a work in progress, still in development. This is an alpha build, with many changes still in the works. The trailer I had released initially stated a September release date, but a number of setbacks have delayed it.

Check out the trailer here:
Frenzied Dungeon Announcement Trailer

There is no music / soundeffects in this version. You can also only play the first 20 levels (which are relatively short). There are also no ads, but the final releases for Android & iOS will be (minimally) ad supported.

Mobile controls are ready, but I need to develop an onscreen feature that helps display it better (in the works).

Drag your finger along the bottom of the screen to move the character left or right. Use the onscreen buttons to (A) jump and (B) attack.
Arrow keys, A to jump, S to attack

If you run out of lives you can click the view ad button, which will not display an ad, but simply give you +5 lives.

This is simply an alpha version, let me know what you think or any problems you have! You can comment at:

Alot majority of the art in this game is from Creative Commons licensed files! Check out their work:
Animated Coins - Clint Bellanger for Liberated Pixel Art

A Blocky Dungeon - Buch

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